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McDonald’s Canada to test reusable McFlurry® Spindle

January 10, 2022

Starting on January 10th, McDonald’s Canada is taking another step in its reduction of single-use plastics (SUP) from its restaurants by testing a reusable and washable McFlurry® mixing spindle in four GTA restaurants. During the 4-8 week test period, guests will receive a wooden spoon with their McFlurry instead of the traditional plastic spoon they have received since the 1990s.

Pending the results of the test, the company will consider plans for a further roll-out of the  mixing spindles in restaurants across the country. By introducing reusable spindles, McDonald’s Canada expects to eliminate approximately 168 tonnes of plastic resins from the Canadian system annually.[1]

Testing these reusable spindles will not impact the time it takes to make a McFlurry. Guests wanting to order a McFlurry at these locations will receive their favourite treat within the usual time it takes crew members to make while using the single-use plastic spoons.

What locations will the test be taking place?

The test will be taking place at the four locations below:

  • 1045 Pape Avenue
  • 1735 Danforth Avenue
  • 3150 St. Clair E.
  • 85 Ellesmere Road, Unit #C1

[1]Average based on 2018-2020 data